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Parking Regulations Venice Utility Park

These regulations govern the methods of use and management of the covered and uncovered car parks of the IFB Company  Srl  located in via F. Mutinelli 6 Mestre Venice, owner and manager of the Venice Utility Park.


Users must comply with the following rules:

After making the reservation, the user can go to our office and deliver the vehicle to the Parking operators. When entering the car park, the user fully accepts all the conditions established in these Regulations, a copy of which is posted in the offices. Please respect the arrival time that was set at the time of booking. If delays arise, please notify the management.



The car park is managed with paid parking and will remain open every day, from Monday to Sunday. The use of the car park is subject to the following times: from 06.00 to 24.00. 



Access to parking spaces, access routes and areas of relevance is reserved for Users; it is forbidden for anyone else to access or stay in these places. The User must take care to lock the vehicle and hand over the keys to the personnel in charge of collection.

Inside the car park, drivers are required to respect both road traffic rules and those established by the car park management. Circulation must be carried out strictly at "walking pace", to park in an orderly manner  the vehicle in the place assigned to him in such a way as not to cause hindrance or difficulty to other Users.

In any case, the User agrees that Venice Utility Park  can have the parked vehicle removed, for safety or traffic purposes. If the removal is necessary due to failure to comply with the rules set out in this document, the related costs will be borne by the User.

It is absolutely forbidden for the User to obstruct movement inside the Parking lot in any way, carry out any repair work on the vehicle inside the Parking lot, drain water, oil or other material, keep flammable or explosive or otherwise dangerous substances in the vehicle. inside the parking lot.



Payment for the service is required only upon arrival at the car park for acceptance and must be made exclusively by cash, debit card and major credit card circuits.

No other credit instruments are accepted.

Pursuant to art. 2756 of the Italian Civil Code, the Parking will have the right of retention of the vehicle in the event that the User fails to meet the obligations of this contract and becomes in arrears in the payment of what has been agreed.

Users who take advantage of offers must show valid coupons in order to book and reserve the space. If the coupons presented are refunded, expired or invalid, in addition to the charge for the entire stay, a penalty equal to the list amount of the parking days used will be applied.



For reasons strictly related to safety, the user is OBLIGED to leave the keys of his car for the parking.  The custody of keys and cars is the responsibility of the manager.



The area is fenced and under video surveillance with a closed circuit system active 24 hours a day for the sole purpose of prosecuting any illegal acts to the detriment of company assets or people. Filming is exclusively recorded for the aforementioned purposes, and stored by Venice Utility Park through its representatives, in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the Provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data of 29 April 2004 on the matter; the recordings are automatically canceled no later than 23 hours after the recording; the images can be viewed and consulted only by the personnel assigned to the management of the Venice Utility Park car park  and in the eventuality by the Police and by the Judicial Authority. 

The Parking is not liable in any way for goods, valuables or any object (radio, spare tires and accessories included) left inside the vehicle, even if locked. Do not leave valuables and accessories displayed inside the vehicle. The staff present inside the car park is solely responsible for regulating the mobility of vehicles and collecting the fees and is not required to supervise the parking spaces used.



Venice Utility Park owner and manager of the Parking,  is not liable for damage caused to the cars due to the liability of third parties, and is solely and exclusively responsible for the theft or fire of the guarded cars. Complaints are not accepted for any type of damage to the car, once it has been delivered by the operators for return and has left the parking area. The customer must notify the staff upon arrival  if the car delivered does not show any damage. In order to be able to validly claim damages caused to the cars, the Customer is obliged on the date of arrival and not of returning to the Parking lot to request the operators to fill in the vehicle use form, which certifies the state of the car. If this form is not filled in or requested by the User, upon collection of his Car he will not be able to effectively contest any Damage and Venice Utility Park Srl will not be liable, even in the event of slight damage to the car. Users are responsible for themselves or their agents for any damage caused to property, systems, people or things by maneuvering the vehicles inside the Parking.

In the event that the User, insured on his own account, causes an accident inside the car park, involving other vehicles / people / things (Article 1381 of the Civil Code), he undertakes to ensure that his insurance company and / or third parties do not make subrogation claims against Venice Utility Park and the User undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless Venice Utility Park from any personal claim, from its insurance company and / or from third parties.


Any dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation and / or execution of these regulations, between Venice Utility Park and the users of the Parking, will be resolved by an arbitration board which will decide in a ritual manner, according to the provisions of the code of civil procedure. The Arbitration Board will consist of a member designated by each party and a third party, who will act as President, indicated by the first two arbitrators. In case of disagreement, he will be appointed by the President of the Court of Venice at the request of the most diligent party.



This regulation entered into force on June 13, 2015. It may be subject to variations, without prior notice to users, following regular communication of the  direction of Venice Utility Park at the competent municipal office.


The direction

Venice Utility Park  via F. Mutinelli 6 Mestre Venice 

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